Dream Hub: Noted News on Dreams

1. Cellphone Lucidity: Developed by psychologist Richard Wiseman, the app Dream: ON helps the user to lucid dream by creating a “soundscape” during the final REM stage of sleep and then wakes the dreamer when that REM cycle is over. The app is free and can be downloaded by iPhone users; the Android version is planned for later this year. (Intriguing app, but I have an issue with sleeping with a tumor-producing phone right by my head for 7 hours a night.) Ah well, read more.

2. Perchance to Dreamchat: A man in Costa Mesa, California, is working on dreamer-to-dreamer communication–and we’re not talking idealists at a futurism forum. Daniel Oldis has worked on a device that connects two dreamers to a brain-wave monitor while both sleep. Their brain waves trigger a red light to blink during each one’s REM sleep and signals that they’re dreaming. He is author of “The Lucid Dreams Manifesto.” Oldis says: “In our society, the importance of dreams has become relegated to mere conversation pieces … and the lucid dream ignored.” Great point. Here’s the article.
3. From the Book of Duh: Researchers at Yale University have concluded that lucid dreamers can teach themselves skills in their dreams. I’m feeling snobby, but c’mon, haven’t we know this for a while? Well, science needs to conduct apparently redundant studies, and we need reminders. So it doesn’t hurt.


3 Lucid Dreaming Resources to Bookmark

Check out these resources to inspire your dream cultivation:

1. Dreamviews is a fantastic lucid dreaming forum for the community of lucid dreamers. Includes dream journals, chat, and more.

2. Dr. Stephen LaBerge’s Lucidity Institute website has the bare-bones luster of a site c. 1997, but its wealth of information is undeniably useful.

3. The Lucid Dreaming Wikibook covers everything you ever could know about lucid dreaming, from the induction techniques to dream stabilization to a very handy LD glossary linked to the wikibook.

Are there any resources online that you recommend? Leave a comment.

Happy dreaming, subtle waking!