Dream Hub: Noted News on Dreams

1. Cellphone Lucidity: Developed by psychologist Richard Wiseman, the app Dream: ON helps the user to lucid dream by creating a “soundscape” during the final REM stage of sleep and then wakes the dreamer when that REM cycle is over. The app is free and can be downloaded by iPhone users; the Android version is planned for later this year. (Intriguing app, but I have an issue with sleeping with a tumor-producing phone right by my head for 7 hours a night.) Ah well, read more.

2. Perchance to Dreamchat: A man in Costa Mesa, California, is working on dreamer-to-dreamer communication–and we’re not talking idealists at a futurism forum. Daniel Oldis has worked on a device that connects two dreamers to a brain-wave monitor while both sleep. Their brain waves trigger a red light to blink during each one’s REM sleep and signals that they’re dreaming. He is author of “The Lucid Dreams Manifesto.” Oldis says: “In our society, the importance of dreams has become relegated to mere conversation pieces … and the lucid dream ignored.” Great point. Here’s the article.
3. From the Book of Duh: Researchers at Yale University have concluded that lucid dreamers can teach themselves skills in their dreams. I’m feeling snobby, but c’mon, haven’t we know this for a while? Well, science needs to conduct apparently redundant studies, and we need reminders. So it doesn’t hurt.