Wind Down, Tune In, Dream On

I want you to take a quiet leap of faith. Go to bed tonight without setting an alarm on your cell phone (do people still use alarm clocks?). Set the intention of the time you want to awake–this can seem a bit scary if you’re new to this, but try it anyway. Get to bed at a decent time to give yourself sufficient sleep. I can nearly promise you that, if you truly set the intention, you will wake up very close to the time you want to wake up.

Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how good your internal clock is. If you’ve done this before, well, I’ve got another challenge for you.

Tonight you’ll dream and tomorrow you’ll remember some dream story. If you read these words and intend to dream and intend to remember, you will. It’s just like the internal clock. Set the intention, focus on it, remind yourself a few times before bed, even repeat the intention aloud, and be mindful by morning to recall some storylines.

But let me state my caveat to qualify my boldness: “Intention” is just not repeating “tonight I will dream” to yourself every five minutes before bed, though that helps. It entails preparation too: This includes turning away from your digital devices at least an hour before bed. I also turn the lights low at least 30 minutes before bed and meditate for a bit. I light some incense, count breaths, and let my monkey mind let go of getting lost in thinking, as it so often does during the day. This is all a part of intention, too. Prepare for the dreamstate.

Tell me how it goes. And please, no reports about how you were late to work. 🙂
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