Dream surfing with the WILD

The WILD technique, or wake-initiated lucid dreaming, is a powerful method for attaining dream lucidity and is a unique vehicle in that one transitions from waking state to dream state by vigilantly yet calmly coaxing the body to sleep while maintaining mindfulness. Just the other night my friend reported to me that she had attained lucidity after trying this for the first time. I also attained lucidity on my first try with this technique–though apparently some LD practitioners find the WILD difficult to pull off. Nevertheless, here’s the primary tip you’ll need to know:

Count down: “one, I am dreaming; two, I am dreaming … ” and so on. Depending on your state of mind, you may well begin slipping into hypnagogic hallucinations, the beginnings of dream state. Stay vigilant at this point, as it’s easy to drift off. Continue to count down, letting your body relax and your mind remain alert. The analogy that comes to mind is surfing: let the wave catch you, but maintain the balance so you don’t wipe out into the unconscious. Stay between the waking/dreaming states and you may well find yourself in a dream and counting down “67, I am dreaming … Oh, I actually am in a dream!” Now, harm none and do as ye will!